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Disini Hadir Kembali
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Unwriten Manual I

(Thanks To Zorbas) yang sudah membuat panduan ini

Kalau Sempet Aku translate ya kawan ;)

► Offensive coach meningkatkan attack ratingmu sebanyak 8% akan tetapi mengurangi rating defence mu sebanyak 11%.

► Defensive coach meningkatkan defence ratingmu sebanyak 14% akan tetapi mengurangi attack ratingmu sebanyak 8%.

► Neutral coach Tidak mempengaruhi attack maupun defence rating dari tim.*

*Perhitungan di atas dibuat dengan mengacu rating Neutral Coach sebagai pembanding.

► Sports psychologists meningkatkan team confidence dan secara langsung juga mempengaruhi attack. Setidaknya kamu harus memiliki 5 Staff ini untuk membuat Confidence timmu pada level yang , Hal tersebut bergantung bagaimana caramu mengatur jumlah staff di tim (maksimal 30 orang untuk semua staff).


 Passing skill dari pemain tengahmu dapat meningkatkan attack rating (terutama apabila mereka dimainkan dengan perintah offensive dan mempunyai skill passing yang cukup baik).

► If a player has played in two different positions during the week, the position that grants him the best training effect will be chosen at the update.

►When you play 1 Forward only, a good option is to maximize the attack on that side, playing the Forward Towards Wing or an Inner Midfielder Towards Wing.

►When you play PIC your Team Spirit will get a boost (multiply your actual TS with 1.33). When you play MOTS your TS will fall down with 50%.

►Your chances to score are distributed as they follow: 35% in the middle, 25% on each side (R/L) and 15% free kicks (direct and indirect FK).

► No matter if the HTs tried to lower the importance of the midfield rating, this is still the most important thing that can lead your team to victory. So do your best to possess your opponent (I'm not talking to the CA managers here :D).

Having Multi Skilled players with Playmaking skill will help you to have a better midfield rating (Defenders with PM, Wingers with PM, Defensive Forwards with PM).

► When you train Set Pieces, your Goalkeeper and your Set Pieces Taker will get a 25% bonus on training.

► When you sell a player it's not only your TS who may suffer a fall (depending on your player's character), but also your formation experience, if he was a regular player in your first 11.

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