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Disini Hadir Kembali
Dalam Kesederhanaan
Mencoba Meniti Langkah
Suara Hati disebuah Laman

Disini Hadir Kembali
Mencari sebuah Wacana
Menapaki Perjuangan hidup
Menggapai Mimpi dunia Maya

Disini Hadir Kembali
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Unwritten Manual II

►A good help to win a match is the Team Spirit. Having a high TS it's helpful to your midfield ratings. The most possession you have, the most chances to score you'll get. A coach with a high leadership will help you to avoid losing too quick the TS.

Try to be unpredictable, which will make it harder for your opponent to 'read' your tactics. Be diversified, don't play always the same tactic. 'Hide' your real ratings with different substitutions and orders, especially when you're comfortable in the lead, but be cautious with that.

►In case of need, especially if you have a coach with low LS, you could surprise your opponent changing the coach just before the match starts (less time for your opponent to react, but pay attention on time), improving your team ratings where needed (defensive, neutral, offensive). A Solid coach/Poor LS costs 268.700 . If you can afford it and you think it's worth, go for it.

► A coach with SOLID LEADERSHIP will drop his LS to Passable:
- in 112-150 days if he's low Solid LS
- in 150-224 days if he's medium Solid LS
- in 224-385 days if he's high Solid LS

► The formation experience (4-4-2, 3-5-2 etc) can drop only after a match, not after every HT update.

► The influence on midfield rating:
- playing CA: 93%
- playing at home: 119.892%
- playing derby: 111.493% (away team only, the home team gets the 119.892%, as usual)
- playing PIC: 83.945%
- playing MOTS: 111.4926%

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