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Disini Hadir Kembali
Dalam Kesederhanaan
Mencoba Meniti Langkah
Suara Hati disebuah Laman

Disini Hadir Kembali
Mencari sebuah Wacana
Menapaki Perjuangan hidup
Menggapai Mimpi dunia Maya

Disini Hadir Kembali
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Unwriten Manual VI

► Having a high number of Head players your team will be more likely to score from the Head SE, but also to defend against your opponent's Headers. The influence of your Headers in scoring is A LOT BIGGER than in defending against your opponent's ones (corners).

► Talking HatStats/LoddarStats, the "weakest" player in HT is the CDO, comparing to what is he losing and what is he bringing in the total team ratings. Don't get fooled about that, at times a CDO is all you may need to win a match, if you want just some extra midfield.

► After the match engine is analysing the possession, giving you an ordinary chance, it will compare the attack/defence ratings and if it's the case it will offer you the goal.
The scorer will be picked randomly (the FWs are more likely to be found on the scoring sheet).

► You can set up the Set Pieces Taker - in case your regular one is being substituted - using the Penalty Takers tab. If your SP Taker will be substituted, the second player from the Penalty Takers tab will do the job, not the substitute.

► If you need to improve your Team Spirit you can lower the training intensity. You could check exactly how much will that be here:

(Tools -> Matches -> TS vs TI). Be careful, you'll have to do that the latest Thursday morning and when you'll be back on 100% intensity you'll suffer a long term bad effect on your players' forms and your TS will drop badly.

► The harder you train, the better the squad's form becomes in general, and effects from training increase (make the connection with the previous trick).

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